Recommended Extenders

Penis Extenders have been around for a long time. The idea is that stretching the penis over a period of time will actually stimulate the cells of the penis to grow and multiply.

Penis extenders are some of the most powerful solutions out there to penis growth, which is why they can be a bit expensive. However, they are much safer than the surgeries that are out there now. Penis stretching devices are a form of “jelquing” which is a term used for this particular technique. Many people believe that it is actually more effective than surgery–which can cause impotence and destroy the sensation in your penis.

You can wear a penis extender while you are at work at the office, adjusting the tension to the desired level. After a length of time, the cells of the penis will grow–causing a longer and thicker penis that is permanent.

Penis Extenders can be worn underneath your pants!

This is hands down one of our favorite techniques. In fact, the owner of this site has been using penis extenders for over 2 years now!

Our Top Rated Extenders (UPDATED 10/3/09)


#1 Size Genetics

Size Genetics is manufactured by Permenda LTD out of Great Britain. Why do we rate them as the best?

1. Size Genetics is the most comfortable penis extender. This is EXTREMELY important since you will be wearing it for extended periods!

2. Size Genetics has been classified as a Medical Device Type 1. This means that the European Union Health Authorities have evaluated it and it passes all of their specifications.

3. Size Genetics has been developed by doctors and combines several methods to achieve maximum growth in a limited time frame.

4. The traction device in the Size Genetics package has been researched by an independent group and has literally been clinically proven to add size and length to your penis.

5. The Size Genetics system comes with a penis exercise program which has over 32 videos and tutorials to help you train your penis to grow larger. This DVD is retailed for $99.95 elsewhere.

6. All of the parts, membership to their exclusive Mens-Forte Network, a Seduction Secrets E-Book, A Better Fitness E-Book and Free Shipping are all included.

7. For a limited time Size Genetics also includes the LoveCentria Sex Position Guide and Message Techniques.

We feel like this is the absolute best, most comfortable, fastest acting longest term solution for a penis extender program out there. It is also backed by a 100% 6 month money back guarentee!

If you want to gain more than 3″ to your size, this is hands down the package to go with. A 9″ penis is not out of the question with this package.

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#2 The X4 Labs Extender

This is yet another great extender on the marketplace. The X4 utilizes a comfort strap technology as well as a Hybrid Support System to achieve maximum results. At this time, the X4 is the only penis extender that includes a Hybrid Support piece. This piece is designed to work with both a strap system and a silicone tube system, allowing the user to choose the best solution.

The X4 Labs System comes with a tutorial video, instructional CD-Rom and an E-book that is designed to get you maximum results in minimum time.

The X4 is also priced at $295.95 which is VERY competitive in the penis extension marketplace. In fact, they give you an option of the basic package that is only around $125. This is a STEAL.

The X4 comes with a 6 month guarantee and is backed by a very competitive quality guarantee on the products. The only reason we rate the X4 below Size Genetics is because it doesn’t come with QUITE as many bonuses. However, if you want a reliable extender that will achieve serious results, the X4 is it.

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#3 The ProExtender System

The ProExtender System is a combination solution. There are two options available: The Deluxe and Original. you can purchase the system without the enlargement pills and without the exercise CD.

Package includes:

  • 1 Proextender device designed by Medical Professionals
  • VigRX-30 day supply of the most popular Penis Enhancement Pills on the marketplace. These pills will increase stamina and pleasure WHILE adding size.
  • Semenax-Volume Enhancing Pills. These pills can increase the amount of ejaculate you produce by over 475% (Can you imagine producing up to five times your current amount of ejaculate? UNREAL!
  • For Men Only Penis Enlargement Exercise CD-This E-Book gives you instructions and pictoral illustrations on how to perform exercises that will add serious size to your penis.

The ProExtender System comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. It combines 4 different methods to give you the ultimate porn star experience!

The ProExtender Solution is just as good as our top 2 options, but since it is a SYSTEM and not just an extender we couldn’t place it in the number one spot–that would be unfair!

Combine these methods to achieve better results in a much quicker time period that will last longer. Our staff are HUGE fans of the ProExtender solution.

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