Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders are traction devices designed to add length and girth to your penis. In fact, many tribal level people have utilized penis extending methods throughout history. For example, the Papua Indians of New Guinea have used a penis stretching method to stretch their penises to over 18 inches!

Traction means applying careful pressure over time to stress the tissues and stimulate cellular growth. Our bodies are designed to respond to continuous tension this way. Imagine patients who have “skin grafts“. This is traction technology in action, as you must often elongate the skin taken from one part of the body to fit it to the place it will be grafted.

This traction will trigger a growth response inside your body which literally causes cells to divide and replace the open area left between other cells when they are stretched. This can actually lead to countless new cells forming, adding significant size to the tissue.


The most popular penis extender on the marketplace today is probably the ProExtender, a device developed by a medical company in Denmark. When you use a ProExtender, you place the curved base of the extender at the base of your penis, then apply a surgical-quality band around the head or “glans” of your penis. Then, you adjust the traction applied with the bars that run alongside the device.

The ProExtender is designed to fit discreetly around the penis so that you can wear it under your jeans or even while you sleep. Medical studies have proven that penis enlargement devices work and that they can produce permanent length and width growth-in INCHES. However, they do not work overnight. You must follow the instructions provided with the device.

If you are interested in gaining size to your penis without compromising your safety, you have to go with a medical grade device.

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