Penis Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises are designed to target various sections of the penis and to utilize repetitive exercises to gain length and girth. Most are targeted at the Corpora Cavernosa (the main blood chamber of your penis).

Good programs that WORK will utilize techniques that fill your Corpora Cavernosa with blood. At around the 15 day mark you will have a stronger and firmer penis from these exercises. At around the 5 week mark, your erections will be much harder and you will have the ability to control your ejaculations–even orgasm repeatedly in one session of sex!

At around the 2-3 month period you will have a permanently larger penis (even when flaccid) and you will have gained up to 3 inches in size.

What to expect:

After a few weeks you will notice that your erections are extremely thick and hard. You will have better blood circulation in your penis and you will even look bigger when you are not hard because the flow of blood is that much greater!

At around a month’s time you will notice more gains in the size of your penis when erect. At this point, you will have enhanced control over your PC muscle, which means you will be able to control your ejaculations better.

It is not uncommon to make great gains after a few months with these programs.

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What you must realize about Penis Enlargement Exercises is that you will achieve much more dramatic results if you use the techniques alongside a penis enlargement supplement Adding a supplement to your regimen can double the amount of size gains you achieve from the exercises. Also, the results will typically be noticed quicker.

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