About Penis Pills

In order to understand how penis pills work, you must first understand a little about the anatomy of your penis. The tissues within your penis that are responsible for erection are essentially chambers called the corpora cavernosa. When you are aroused, blood fills these chambers and that is what gives your penis the rigidity or “hardness” of it’s erection.

Blood flow is denied the ability to escape from these chambers during the erection. IMPORTANT FACT: The size of your penis when erect is dependent on how much blood is pumped into the erectile tissue. More blood flowing to these areas means that the tissue will be able to expand larger.

Penis pills increase the amount of blood that is flowing to the erectile tissues. They also increase the power of the blood flow.

Over time, increasing blood flow and power of blood flow to the erectile tissues will cause this tissue to expand. When you take GOOD penis pills regularly, your penis will be able to hold more blood and maintain a greater size.

There is controversy over whether penis pills only work while you take them. Some medical professionals claim that you must use BOTH penis enlarging pills AND penis exercises/extenders to achieve permanent length and thickness. The debate is ongoing.

It is worth noting that all penis enlarging methods vary in effectiveness and some are designed for more short-term or long term results. We have done our best to review the top products on this site.

Anatomy Of The Penis

penis anatomy

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